PRE-ETCHED® professional nail tips are uniformly pre-etched on top and underneath for maximum adhesion, bonding instantly to the natural nail. No more over-filling and spending to much time removing the shiny, oily surface from your nail tips.

Available in: PRE-ETCHED® White/Square, Natural/Square, Clear Square nail tips. NEW! PRE-ETCHED® Daisy Cutter ™, Gator Grip™, Lotus™, Flamingo™, Daisy Cutter B2, Shadow-Less/White & Shadow-Less Natural (Well-Less) nail tips. Our NEWEST! PRE-ETCHED® Soprano & Stiletto nail caps are well-less and "clear".
Create beautiful nails faster and easier whether your using gels, acrylics, fiberglass, resin & powder dip systems or silk wraps.


Are You?

  • Spending too much time and energy when you apply white acrylic to create that perfect smile.
  • Getting those ugly shadow-lines after you apply traditional shiny white or natural color nail tips.
  • Blending your natural nail tips until your exausted, while your clients keep jumping around saying .. IT BURNS! 
  • Not getting that perfect fit either?
  • Sick and tired of spending way too much money for traditional nail tips.

I'll bet you would you like to find out what other professional nail technicians are calling there "BEST KEPT SECRET" to creating perfect Pink and White nails, without doing all the blending and etching, which involves all your extra time!   

Daisy Cutter 


They look and feel completely different then any nail tip you have ever used.

These are the nail tips that look just like a sculpted nail! No more hard to manage paper forms. And it won't take you one to two hours to complete a beautiful set of nails.


sk yourself these questions:

am I paying more for traditional shiny tips and still doing all of that extra work? 

How do I Create Beautiful Pink & White nails faster and easier?

Daisy Cutter™ 
and all of our PRE-ETCHED® nail tip styles will save you valuable time, energy
and money!
Start using PRE-ETCHED® nail tips today, you'll be so glad that you did!


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